Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I'm trying out w.bloggar to write this post. Hope it works.

I saw the last of the ladybugs trying to get into the house a few days ago. I didn't think it could survive temperatures in the teens we had a few weeks ago but they're tough little critters. I read an article in the local newspaper where this guy claimed he bought and released millions of these ladybugs and was responsible for populating much of the NorthEast. Well this claim turns out to be bogus because the Dept. of Agriculture actually did the releases. The ones that try to come into your house in the Fall are Asian Ladybird beetles.

Here's some interesting sites: Iowa State University

Oregon State Univ. site didn't know they came in so many variations.

Excellent write up by Susan C. Jones, Ph.D. on the Ohio State U. site


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