Tuesday, May 08, 2007

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Fothergilla gardenii, dwarf Fothergilla

Weigela japonica

Viburnum lantana

Very large double daffodils still blooming at this late date.

Blueberry flowers.

The first anemone to flower. Anemone sylvestris.


Blogger rachelle said...

very lovely. i love the daffodils.

2:16 PM  
Blogger Ki said...

Hi Rachelle, the daffodils are quite lovely and are still blooming! They are also the largest one in our garden so they do make quite a statement. I love how the dark orange base peek out from the multiple petals.

Thanks for stopping by.

5:08 PM  
Blogger Digital Flower Pictures said...

Fothergilla is one of my favorites. I love the texture of the flowers when you touch them. Is the Weigela the one with pink and white flowers on the same plant? If you carefully select your daffs you extend the season quite far, that looks like a nice cultivar.

6:25 PM  
Blogger Ki said...

Hi Chris, We've had the Fothergilla for three years but I didn't remember that the flowers lasted quite so long. It started blooming before the trees and is still in full flower. The Weigelas buds are a dark pink and as the flowers open they become a lighter pink and progress to almost white. So the plant doesn't have a pink flower and a white flower. The same flower transitions from pink to white. Don't know where we got that daffodil but there are only a few flowers in a clump so they were probably expensive and we bought only a few. Hopefully in time it will increase in number.

4:22 AM  
Blogger Annie in Austin said...

Lovely is the right word, Ki - your variety of trees and shrubs continues to impress me.

In Illinois my fothergilla was more of a novelty - it lived but didn't thrive... but my Weigelas were huge and happy. I had the one with pale pink flowers and variegated leaves and an oldfashioned red one.

But a blueberry! Now that's something that never grew in the alkaline soil of either Illinois or Central Texas. The flowers are quite pretty.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

1:16 PM  
Blogger Ki said...

Thanks Annie. I just don't want to be around in 10 years when everything is overgrown as we allowed very little room for growth. Maybe I can keep them pruned like giant bonsai?

I guess temperature was not the problem in growing Fothergilla in Illinois since the shrub is rated for zone 5 but my botanica book says they like 'humus-rich, moist but well-drained, acidic soil...' so your alkaline soil was prob. the culprit.

I would have loved to have seen your variegated Weigela. I seem to have a love hate relationship with Weigelas. Love the flowers, don't like the long sprawling branches they grown on. I guess it reminds me of battling with a forsythia we had until I dug it up.

I would plant blueberry as an ornamental even if it didn't give any delicious fruit. And the bumblebees seem to prefer blueberry flowers even when there are many others to choose from. So all the more reason to plant them.

Good of you to stop by. Your comments are always interesting and insightful.

6:08 PM  
Blogger Digital Flower Pictures said...

I'll try and post a picture of the yellow and pink flowers on the same Weigela, I thought about it and think it is a different species. As a bit of Weigela collector I am happy to see more interest in the genus. It is not old-fashioned anymore.

4:34 PM  
Blogger Ki said...

Chris, please do post the yellow and pink Weigela, I'd love to see it. We also bought a dark red which was pretty spectacular last year but I haven't noticed it so far this year. The reason could be that I stuck it under some birches and it's not getting enough sun.

5:39 PM  

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