Monday, January 10, 2005

General observations

Checked the yard to see how the plants are faring. The camellia keeps on blooming, more than 10 blooms on the plant--enjoying this mild weather. The red witch hazel is starting to bloom but I don't dectect a scent like the yellow one. The hyacinths are peeking out. And the daffodils are trying to grow out again after being frost bitten when they tried to force their way out in the previous warm spell. We may have lost all next spring's blooms I fear.

I've planted some lenten rose, H. niger but have seen no activity at all. I thought it was supposed to bloom around Christmas time?

Our indoor plumeria (frangipani) plant is about to bloom! It's the Singapore variety. White blooms with a yellow center and dark green, rounded tip, evergreen leaves-the only non deciduous variety. I planted it mainly for its scent and hopefully it will perfume the house. Here's a good site for growing and caring for plumerias The Plumeria Place

My dad who lived all his life in Hawaii says that the plants on the mainland don't have smell. "Even the cilantro and green onions don't have a very strong odor...not like in Hawaii". I'm inclined to think he's right. We grew a jasmine here, the same variety that they make hedges of in Hawaii. They mistankenly call it a "mock orange"; the leaves and red fruit make it look like a small orange tree. The scent is similar to the perfume of orange blossoms. But here it gave off a very meagre scent a faint shadow of the ones in Hawaii.


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