Tuesday, January 10, 2006


We bought some new varieties of amaryllis (had to look it up to spell it) to chase away the annual winter blues. There are many double petalled varieties now that are more to my liking than the very large single petalled variety. I am especially partial to the small double white "Jewel" which has a very faint scent. I didn't notice any smell from amaryllis previously so this was a nice surprise.

I'm trying to add 3 photos to this post so let's see if I'm successful. Tried it twice before and only one picture came up. Pictures are of "Jewel", "Rozetta" the pink fluffy one, and "Exotic Star" looks like a varient of "Papilio" sort of greenish with maroon veins.

P.S. Well, 3 pictures came up but the "Exotic Star" is mostly hidden behind "Rozetta"

P.P.S. You can click on the partial photo of "Exotic Star" and it will come up in a full screen.


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