Monday, February 06, 2006

Yellow witch hazel in all its glory

The yellow witch hazel probably Hamamelis Japonica (by the growth habit) now in its second year of growth near the fish pond did very well this year with blossoms covering the shrub. The red flowered ones did not do very well with shriveled blossoms. Both of these plants did not have very much of a fragrance as compared to last year.

We also bought the common witch hazel last year, Hamamelis vernalis which produced an abundance of very fragrant blossoms. But the blossoms were obscured by the dried brown leaves which didn't drop and remain firmly attached to the shrub even if you try to pull it off. The fragrance was so strong as I passed 15' away from the shrub that I thought the neighbor was running their clothes dryer with clothes full of fabric softner perfume. I couldn't believe it was the witch hazel.

Can't seem to upload pictures to blogger. Will post them later.


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