Monday, June 12, 2006

Jack-in-the-pulpits, Arisaema triphyllum, aka "Indian turnip"

The jacks which were given to me free of charge by one of the sellers as a bonus because some of the other plants sent were not of the best quality, have sprouted and bloomed all in about 3 weeks time! I believe these are the native A. triphyllum. Although they vary in color - some are a very delicate light green with lighter color veining and others colored purple brown - they are apparently the same species. The corms are edible after cooking thus the name "Indian turnip"

We had one at the tiny old townhouse garden which was transplanted to the new home but it didn't survive the move so getting this bonus was a great serendipity. The trouble is, this has sparked a new interest in obtaining the more exotic Arisaemas, especially A.sikokianum with the large round flattened white spadix and reddish purple spathe sometimes known as the Japanese rice cake plant. Unfortunately that's my problem with plants, once I am introduced to a genus I want to collect all of the species. A bad addiction in terms of my wallet.


Blogger joco said...

Ki, Addiction possibly, but don't call it a bad addiction: you are doing something wonderful by building up such a treasure house of plants.

Do you have "collection holders" of plant families in the States, like we do over here in the UK?

You would find it difficult to limit yourself to one type, I presume ;-)

8:50 PM  

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