Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Smtulbnig on Hpaenisps"

I akwoe to a pgoarm on NPR - an ievterniw wtih Daniel Gilbert a Harvard pghcyoolocsit and the atouhr of "Subltimunug on Hinpespas" a book aobut crenrut rcaseeh on cginvoite noureccsenie and pcoylgshoy. He was sniyag taht hspapnies is an epemharl tihng ... you cna't hnag on to it and it ulausly ceoms as a sprusire. You hvae to keep rwenenig or fdnniig new tihgns to mkae you hpapy. Now, I hraed it in a the daermlkie satte bweeten selep and bineg flluy akawe so I dno't konw if I got it qitue rghit but I wlil see if I cna't get the book to get a mroe atcucare ssnee of waht he wotre.

I had an aha! mmneot ... tihs msut be why grdeernas are a hpapy bcnuh and why terhe are so mnay of us. Gdanrenig and lnadspngicag are csantolnty rnewieng eeixpernecs, ptsienrneg the gerdeanr wtih mnay otupesnopietirs for rwread. I ulsulay do tignhs wotuiht too mcuh itsptoeirncn. So tihs was a rlaevotian for me but for msot of you plboraby cmomon klwogdne.

The rdawers are imittenretnt but when a mnloagia bosmols or the fsirt gireneg of a brae root tere the juyoos satte can lsat for a good lnog srtecth of tmie.

Tehn we sratt aagin in Sirpng.

Hpapy gdearnnig.

I frist saw a sbmarceld ltteer alcitre a cploue of yares ago. Denis Pelli a NYU polyshcgoy pssofrer set to wrok fgiuirng how tihs amalnoy wkors wehn he riveecd the wdeliy clauictrecd e-mial unisg the glearbd mgessae. Alaprpnety the barin rziegneocs the wrod as a uint, uinsg the fsirt and lsat lteter of the wrod and not fsncoiug on the ltteers in the mldide of the wrod. The frist and lsat leettr in a wrod msut be in the cecrrot pcale. So you etesnailsly mnii-seped raed eevn if you ddni't tkae a csorue in it. The way I tpye, gblraed msngesaig is nntohig new.


Blogger Blackswamp_Girl said...

I've heard about this before, but I think that it works better on shorter, more common words like "Tehn"... then it does on some of the longer, less commonly used words like "cginvoite," which tested my cognitive abilities. *grin*

3:31 PM  
Blogger Ki said...

Hi bkcalwmawp_gril,
I tgouhht it lkooed hraedr to raed tahn tehy mdae it out to be wehn I fhinsied wiirtng the drnaed bolg. Dno't amsue waht you raed is awayls ture. ;) Ok now I can quit typing the scrambled words. Whew, that took a long time. Difficult when you try to do it but easy to mistype unintentionally.

7:36 PM  
Blogger Ki said...

An interesting ad was displayed today reflecting this garbled letters blog.
'Animals in Translation' Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior - from Harcourt Books.

I guess Google thought all those mis-spelled words were because the writer was autistic or dyslexic...something I should ponder.

4:51 AM  

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