Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cat attacks fox!

The fox from an earlier time.

I heard the gaaaak, gaaak cry of the fox again and thought it had cornered our cat Max again but when I ran downstairs to the front entry and opened the door, it was our cat who was attacking the fox! Max was in his sidewinding position, tail and back bristling and full of fury. The fox ran a short way as I opened the door with our cat in pursuit. I could see that our cat was the same size as the fox so it was an even match except this was Max's home turf. Finally it was able to run beyond our property line and the cat didn't give chase. When I got back to the entry, I saw several drops of blood but I checked Max and there were no wounds on him so I guess it was the fox that got the worst of that encounter. Never a dull moment.


Blogger Anthony said...

Go Max! Maybe you should set up a fox-cam just in case there's a rematch.


6:20 AM  
Blogger lisa said...

Wow-what a ferocious cat! Max finally got tired of sharing the food, huh? I used to have a cat that drug home rabbits fully the same size as it was, but i've never seen them take on another predator like that....way cool.

8:44 AM  
Blogger Annie in Austin said...

Yipes! This post is making me nervous, Ki ~ does everyone have their rabies shots? Where's the bleach and/or antibacterial cleaner?
Or since Lisa thinks it's way cool, maybe I'm acting like a grandma and foxes aren't vectors for anything dangerous.


9:03 AM  
Blogger Ki said...

Anthony, the fox must have come by later on that night when Max was safely ensconced in the house because the catfood was gone. I'm sort of concerned that the cat seems to want to mix it up with the fox. After he came in you could tell he was all worked up for a good fight - acting all feisty and making play attacks on my legs.


Lisa, this cat is exceptionally persistent and highly territorial. He was beaten up by our other cat that died a year ago but kept wanting to mix it up. After a $200 vet bill fro Max, we kept them apart with locked doors until the older cat died. Max has our dog always on alert because he'll play attack the dog from hidden places. The dog is a wreck and she's no pushover being part shar-pei and bull terrier.


The dog and cat have their rabies shots. The township requires it and gives free clinics to make sure all pets are vaccinated. I guess I should clean off the blood but I think the sun's uv rays and dessication should kill off any pathogens. Actually I'm a little on edge for my own safety. I hope the little critter doesn't become rabid and attack me!

6:48 PM  
Blogger Entangled said...

Hmmm, it must be cat-and-fox season. I stepped out just about half an hour ago to get the newspaper and heard the neighbors' cat hissing. He was in his yard with his back up and the fox was on the sidewalk. The fox ran away when it saw me, but it looked like it was retreating even before that. I always thought that cat was too stupid/fat/slow to chase anything.

3:25 AM  
Blogger Ki said...

Hi entangled,
I see a lot of dead foxes along the roadsides and someone even complained they were attacked by a fox on the evening news about a week ago. Right.

I guess even a stupid, slow, fat, cat can be formidable when it's in a fight or flight mode. I think our cat Max was too long in the birth canal. He's the weirdest cat I've ever seen - he must have suffered some brain damage. He will go after anything once until he gets beaten up and even then he will make a few feints before retreating. He must have laid in wait, an ambush, until the fox was so focused on eating and had his/her head turned. Max must have sprung out of the bushes and clawed the poor fox. Probably raked one of its legs. Since the foxes have been around, I don't see our resident groundhog nor any wild cats anymore. Just Mad Max.

6:25 PM  

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