Friday, February 29, 2008

Encyclopedia of Life update

The Encyclopedia of Life is up and running with their first installment of organisms started this Wednesday 02/27/08. The list of Exemplar Species pages (where the entries for the organism are quite complete) are still small with only 25 entries but it's a good preview of how the information is presented.

I like the format with the photos prominently displayed. I haven't looked thoroughly throughout the site but I hope they will have a way to scan photos to identify something you may have photographed or seen somewhere.

In late 2008 EOL "will set up a mechanism for anyone to contribute species-related content (photos, drawings, text, video, etc.). The curator(s) of the species will consider the submissions for incorporation into the authenticated species page."

Connecting to the site is very slow. They must be getting a lot of hits, so be patient.


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