Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Caffeinated slugs and snails

I read last fall the University of Hawaii agricultural research center discovered that caffeine was toxic to slugs and snails. I decided to test this discovery by buying the cheapest brand of coffee and scattering the unbrewed coffee grounds around and on the lettuce and chinese mustard cabbages they seem to love.

I can't say it worked very well. Some of the lettuce leaves and cabbage stalks were chewed and I found no evidence of dead slugs (we have no snails).

Maybe I'll have to brew the coffee and use it as a spray. I wonder if tea would work? It seems that the caffeine in tea differs from coffee caffeine. I love coffee but can't drink it anymore because my stomach gets uspset but strangely enough I can drink any amount and strength of brewed tea and my stomach doesn't object. Soft drink manufacturers must use coffee derived caffeine for colas and other caffeinated soft drinks because caffeinated sodas also bother my stomach.

I should just spray the little buggers with some Mountain Dew. Or maybe I'll try some dissolved no doz.


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