Friday, April 28, 2006

The other colors of Spring and some sadness

We are so hungry for a change from the drab colors of winter that colorful flowering ornamental trees are a delight to our jaded eyes. But, for some unknown reason I've been more aware this year of the various shades of greens and yellows and even brick reds and burnt siennas of the newly opened leaves and flowers of trees not normally known as ornamentals.

There are whole spectrums of colors only unconsciously seen, like background noise they have to compete for our attention with the more colorful trees and brilliant flowering bulbs. For instance the newly opened sassafras leaves are a bright yellow but not noticed very much. Some of the trees are colored a certain hue because of the blending of flowers and new leaves. The distinctive color of the Russian olive is an example of creamy white flowers blending with pale whitish green leaves giving it a pastel green look. The ashes, maples, the reluctant oaks and sycamore all have their characteristic colors.

A new appreciation of the things hidden in plain view make the ornamentals seem somewhat out of place and artificial. Maybe that's too harsh a word. The winter is endless and we become obsessed with bright colorful things.

I am enjoying it all.

After I had written this our 10 year old cat with a large stomach tumor died this morning and one of our Koi apparently jumped out of the pond in the exuberance of Spring. It’s mouth was partially eaten away by a cat or raccoon. A sadness in all this beauty.


Blogger Lynne said...

sorry about your loved cat. We too are animal lovers and feel a huge loss of family when they pass.

So enjoyed your beautiful writing for the rites of spring. Hope yours is in bloom soon.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Ki said...

Pets can sure leave a large hole in your life. We've lost too many.

I sort of cringe when I re-read some of the posts. Too many grammatical errors. I try to quickly proof read the posts but I'm too hurried to catch all the mistakes. It's more like a brain dump when I write but I hope people get the gist of what I'm trying to say. This is about beautiful plants not beautiful writing. ;) To paraphrase Mark Twain- I never liked a person who couldn't spell a word more than one way. Change spell a word to write.

Thanks for your supportive comments.

8:08 AM  

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