Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Magnolia "Seiboldii" now yellow magnolia?

I was very excited that our magnolia “Seiboldii” set flower buds last fall for the first time since we bought it four years ago. I bought it for its white flowers with red center. A georgeous tree and blooms. It was suspicious that the buds were a bright apple green but I wasn’t too concerned but now it seems that the tree was mislabeled as the almost bursting buds are a definite yellow color.

Well yellow is good.

Now to try to identify what kind of yellow magnolia it is. Could it be “Butterflies” or “Yellow Bird” or M. acuminata? Butterflies is a cross between M. acuminata the "cucumber tree" and M. denudata. Elizabeth is another variation of the acuminata x denudata. Yellowbird is a cultivar of M. acuminata.

We actually tried to plant a “Butterflies” in our front yard but the spot proved to be too wet and the tree blackened and died even as I tried to raise it on a mound giving the roots more air. So I’m thrilled to have a yellow magnolia but would have also liked to own a “Seiboldii”. Well maybe in the future but we’re running out of space for trees anyway.


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