Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Species tulips (tulipa)

These little red species tulips keep popping up every spring. They were inherited from the former owner and are a very early spring delight. I've tried to find more bulbs but so far I haven't found the right ones - the red tulipa I bought haven't bloomed yet. Maybe it's Tulipa armena Boiss. var. armena but I'll have to look it up. The other tulip is a water lily tulip, Kaufmania, Ancilla very short stems with large flower - ugly, gaudy to my mind but interesting coloration. Unfortunately we seem to have purchased a lot of seems you don't always get what you want or think you'll get by looking at catalogs.

I got interested in planting more species tulips (tulipa) with the intention that we wouldn't have to replant bulbs so often so we bought a whole lot these types of bulbs. The tulipa saxatilis with tiny yellow flowers are just about ready to bloom hopefully these will naturalize and spread.


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