Monday, May 08, 2006

Awash in seeds!

I was in a virtual rainstorm of samaras (winged seed) from our neighbor's huge and ugly sliver maple which means next Spring we'll no doubt be pulling up hundreds of maple seedlings.

I noticed that not only the sliver maples were putting out a lot of seed, even a small sapling in the adjoining empty lot, no doubt a voluteer from the neighbors big tree is so covered with the samaras that it gives it a tannish pink cast. Our street curb planted ornamental maples have put out a prodigious amount of seed literally covering our street and driveway with a reddish cast and our tiny japanese maple grafted year old plants also have seed!

Last year we had a bumper crop of acorns and the previous year the locusts were covered with blooms like I never remembered before. The oaks are blooming like crazy again this year so they'll be a lot of acorns to clean up again this Fall. This is getting weird. Could this be a reaction to global warming? Or is this a portent of dire weather conditions - plants trying to massively reproduce in hopes that some of the progeny survives?


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