Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Japanese maple Beni kawa

While we're on japanese are some photos of "Beni kawa" another red twig jm as a contrast to the previous post's "Sango kaku"...actually photos of two different Beni kawa trees. I got the Beni kawa as a 1 year graft last fall from a mail order nursery in Oregon. It's a vigorous grower and has grown to about 3 feet height in a year. This is much faster than the Sango kaku. The bark is also a much more brilliant red than the Sango kaku and the leaves have a reddish tinge as compared to the Sango kaku's yellow. A great alternative if you can't find the more ubiquitous Sango kaku. We just bought another Sango kaku at Home Depot at their 1/2 price tree sale for $30 which is a great deal for a Japanese maple. If they have them at HD it must be fairly common.

I was messing around with some photo frames for PS Elements/Photoshop and added it to these pictures. It was like pulling teeth with much swearing as there are so many steps to perform...highly unintuitive. Better to get software that will automatically frame something for you.


Blogger Digital Flower Pictures said...

I love your blog. You will be very happy with "Beni kawa'. It is a lot smaller than 'Sango Kaku'. Make sure you get a picture when the new foliage emerges in the spring. It is unbelievable.

4:53 AM  
Blogger Ki said...

Hi dfp, I'm very pleased with the two Beni kawas I bought as 1 year grafts. Both have done unbelieveably well outgrowing all of the other cultivars I bought at the same time.Thanks for the compliment. I can never achieve your level of photography but I'm trying. I'm in awe of your photos.

5:35 AM  
Blogger Scarlett1313 said...

Hi, I was wondering if you could possibly help me out...I just bought a Japanese Maple [Bloodgood] from Home Depot and it looks like it's in great shape...I'm a little confused on how to search how to care for it until Spring....I gave it water the today and I'm really lost on how long to wait to give it some more. If you can be of any assistance, please let me know.

6:34 PM  
Blogger Ken said...

If anyone would like growing tips on Japanese maples I have a free mini e-course on my web site.

Growing Japanese Maples Course

7:14 PM  

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