Saturday, February 03, 2007

First Robin Sighting and Nuthatch

I saw my first robin of the year and on the same tree my favorite bird, a white breasted nuthatch. Some years the robins stick around through the winter but this year I've not noticed that so I was surprised that this robin would appear when the weather is supposed to be very cold with highs of only in the twenties forecasted to last for a week. I wonder what the robins eat when the ground is so frozen. I guess whatever berries and seeds are to be found.

It was interesting to see that the nuthatch hammered the bark of the tree like a woodpecker only less vigorously and at a much slower rythym in its characteristic upside down position. That way it gets all the bugs and larvae that the up facing woodpeckers miss.

So I guess with Punxsutawney Phil's not seeing his shadow and the early robin, Spring is a sure bet to appear soon?

Sorry no pictures of robins or nuthatches only of goldfinches at our niger feeder.


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