Friday, December 14, 2007

All bloggers can once again link their blogs and ID on Blogger comments

Apparently Blogger heard from a number of dissatisfied people using Blogger. People using other blog formats had to post anonymous comments nor could they add a link to their own sites when using Blogger' comment form. This has apparently been corrected. Here's Blogger' explanation of the new comment form.

The latest from Blogger Buzz
OpenID Commenting
December 13, 2007 — permalink
After just two short weeks of testing on Blogger in draft, OpenID commenting is now available for all Blogger blogs. This means that your friends and readers can leave authenticated comments on your blog using their blog URLs from OpenID-enabled services such as, LiveJournal, and AOL Journals, or with their AOL/AIM accounts.

We've chosen a few popular OpenID providers to highlight on the comments form, but OpenID is, well, "open"! You can use any OpenID service to post a comment by choosing "Any OpenID" and filling in your OpenID URL.

You'll see the OpenID icon (OpenID icon) next to the names of commenters who posted with their OpenID. This icon assures you that the person who posted the comment is the same person blogging at the URL their name links to. Say goodbye to comment spoofing!

Turning on OpenID commenting on your blog

If you've set your "Who Can Comment?" setting to "Anyone," OpenID will be enabled on your comments pages right now! To change your comments settings, go to your blog's Settings | Comments tab in Blogger, and select "Registered Users" or "Anyone" in the Who Can Comment setting:

Getting an OpenID URL for your site

Blogger provides helpful shortcuts to, LiveJournal, TypeKey, and AOL, but you can use any URL that you control as your OpenID URL by using delegation.

For example, say you have a LiveJournal account with the username "brad." This gives you an OpenID URL at You could comment with this URL, but you'd rather have your comments link to your homepage at

By copying two lines of HTML into the <> tag of, you can turn it into an OpenID URL. Then, you can use to sign your comments, while logging in to LiveJournal when you do so.

Delegation gives you complete control over what URL you use to represent yourself online, and complete control over what service you want to use to login with. Sam Ruby wrote a great article about OpenID delegation that we recommend if you're interested.

LiveJournal, AOL,, and TypeKey aren't the only OpenID providers out there. If you need an OpenID account, you can also get one from myOpenID, Verisign, or any other service that implements OpenID.

The "Other" URL field

Right now, the only way to add a URL to your name when commenting is to sign your comment with OpenID. We apologize for removing the URL field from the comments form prematurely two weeks ago. That was a mistake on our part that came from launching OpenID support on Blogger in draft.

Ironically, our testing of OpenID, a feature that lets you use accounts from all over the web to comment on Blogger, made it appear that we were trying to force you into getting a Google Account. We regret this appearance, since we're strong supporters of OpenID and open web standards in general.

If you haven't set up OpenID, you can still link to your blog — or any webpage, for that matter — by using the standard <>(I can't add the tag symbol...blogger won't accept this html in the body of the post, Ki) tag inside the comment form.
— Eric


Blogger Yolanda Elizabet said...

I was one of those who complained to Blogger and I'm glad they have corrected their mistake so quickly.

Have a nice weekend!

8:58 AM  
Blogger Ki said...

Hi Yolanda Elizabet. I guess they couldn't ignore all the squeaky wheels. I was surprised at the move towards exclusivity to say the least and like you am glad the mistake was corrected.

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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