Monday, February 28, 2005


My apology to Jenn, Ilona, Kathy, girlgonegardening and Megan for not acknowledging your comments. I've almost completely neglected my blog (I didn't see your comments until only last Friday, headslap) as I'm singlehandedly trying to tile our entry, living room, dining room, kitchen-breakfast nook and washroom about 950 sq. ft. worth. This is only a 10 year old home but the construction work was extremely shoddy. The floors are warped and very uneven with dips and high spots-it wasn't so noticeable with carpeting. The carpet hid cigarette butts, nails, wire insulation, clumps of spackling and even a all purpose knife blade.The plywood subfloor under the carpeting looked like they left it out in the weather for at least 6 months. Some of the nails have popped so I'm screwing the plywood down and when I do the ply is so punky that I almost drive the screws completely through! So after screwing down the ply I pour some leveling cement then screw down another layer of 3/8 ply then some thin set and the cement backerboard which needs to be screwed down also. So far I've completed about half of the living room and that's all! I must have driven about a million screws and pounded boxfuls of nails. I hope this is all worth the trouble. And I gotta get this done before the spring planting and pruning just around the corner, yikes!

I left comments to your comments but I don't see them on the blog. Maybe it takes some time for it to be published?

Thanks again for the suggestions and comments.


Blogger Girl Gone Gardening said...

No need to appologize :). Hey I know how you feel aout that snow. It seems as soon as the ground is clear of it and thaws it snows again...been going on all month like that. I feel your pain.

5:39 AM  

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