Thursday, May 11, 2006

Spring Ephemerals

They come and go with little fanfare. Sometimes tiny and dainty or hidden by larger neighbors only making themselves known by being early, highly colored or unusual in form. By early summer they are just a memory.

The buttercup is possibly Ranunculus sceleratus. The flower has a shiny plastic like look and has dark green interestingly serrated leaves. I dug it up next to a lamp post adjacent to the wild area behind our property.

The pink lavender flower is a Dodecatheon meadia or commonly known as a shooting star and is very dear to me. I bought it at a Master Gardener's sale, the only one left and have wanted to get more but have not seen any.

The white flowers are some kind of forest wildflower possibly Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis). We bought little packets of wildflower bulbs and roots at Lowe's last year, trilliums, trout lilies and some other interesting looking things - at least the photos were - but they didn't come up until this year. We had all but given up hope so this was a nice surprise. The trout lilies however have not appeared. Rats!


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