Thursday, July 13, 2006

Eat fungus - Quorn

I read about a new product they were trying to commercialize several months ago. I finally saw it in a local supermarket. We try to eat a mostly vegetarian diet so this was of interest to us. It's called Quorn and it's made of fungus. I know, ewww! When people think of fungus they think of toenail fungus, athletes foot fungus or candida yeast infections. Well we eat mushrooms and they are fungi. In fact I read somewhere that the dna of fungus are very close to human dna and that's why it's so hard to get rid of fungal infections. They may be us or part of us. Quorn calls it mycoprotein - less off putting to people.

I don't usually endorse a product but this one tastes very good. We've tried many meat substitute products and this one is up there with the best - easily as good as Morning Star Farms Chik patty if not better. Just think of eating the white part of a button mushroom and you'll think it's delicious. They had two products, the patties which is a breaded cutlet and naked Quorn which looks like a piece of chicken breast. I guess you can cut up the naked Quorn and stir fry the pieces or fry, broil or bbq the whole piece. Try it if you can find it - you make like it. One patty has 140 calories, 16% protein and quite a bit of sodium, 525mg or 22% of your rda.

I'm not affiliated with the company in any way.


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