Monday, September 25, 2006

Apple, oddity and clematis

The first and only apple this year from the 'opalescent' tree was looking quite ratty with blemish spots that were starting to rot and birds were also pecking it and making holes so even if the apple was not quite ripe I picked it. I was quite surprised that it took a hard tug to pick it-another indication that it wasn't ripe. I cut out all the bad spots and the flesh in some parts looked a little greenish but the apple was sweet with a mild tartness and the flesh had great density and crispness. Definitely a keeper but I'll have to thwart the birds from getting to the fruit.

We picked up the plant with yellow flowers at the local nursery because it looked odd and we like odd or oddities. It's been a good plant producing many blooms but I don't have any clue what the name of it is and don't know if it will survive the winter. I seems like it would be tender so I don't have much hope that it will make it through the winter but if I see it again I will definitely buy it again.

In spite of the previously posted Clematis panniculata's exuberant growth and flowering we have been failures at growing the more desirable? gaudy? members of the family. We've had only 3 blooms from the plant in the picture this year. 2 in the spring and 1 now. The vine is scraggly with a paucity of leaves. I read where Clematis likes a slightly alkaline soil so I added some lime and it apparently likes it's roots shaded so I mulched it heavily but to no avail. The plant has been in ground for 2 years and I've read where it take 2 to 3 years before the plant establishes itself so I'm hoping this is the case. In the meantime our neighbor across the street who doesn't garden much and ignores her Clematis, has a thriving plant covered with gorgeous dark purple flowers. Plants can be contrary sometimes.


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