Friday, September 01, 2006


I was too prideful of the hazel nut/filbert cross giving nuts for the first time. Our friend from the midwest who grew huge hazelnut shrubs stopped by for a visit and I was enthused about showing my little hazel with nuts. Well there were none to be seen. Our friend said the squirrels probably got them. I was astounded that they could find them but our friend said they probably check out all the shrubs periodically and took the nuts even if they were not ripe and stuck them in the ground somewhere. I guess that's the end of ever thinking we'll get to taste any filberts...ever..."pride goeth before the fall".

Well, the opalescent apple has also fruited for the first time - only one apple. So far without spraying the apple looks pretty good without too many blemishes or stings. I hope some darn bird or squirrel doesn't get it before I do.

and... here's a photo of the black Austrian pine in decline. I looks like it's stablized now with the cool wet weather so I hope it will live. We still have two months or so for it to grow so I'm hopeful.


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