Sunday, September 17, 2006

Clematis paniculata covered with flowers

We bought a Clematis paniculata syns. C. terniflora, C. dioscoreifolia, commonly known as sweet autumn clematis in a small pot with an eighteen inch trellis absolutely covered with flowers. We made the mistake of planting it next to our deck thinking it would climb the deck railing and we could have flowers right next to us while eating breakfast or dinner. Well it grew so vigorously that it climbed and twined all over the blueberry and juniper planted adjacent to it. The little eighteen inch plant turned into a monster 5 x 5 feet. We trimmed it back and relocated it next to an embankment by our swale where it had ample space to grow and it did. It climbed the 5 foot embankment and went up even further, halfway up the blue atlas cedar and spread 8 feet or more!

Wayside Gardens recommends pruning it back to 12" in the fall so that's what I'll do but what a vigorous grower and what a mass of vegetation I'll have to get rid of. It's lucky that the flowers are so pretty and it's good in hiding the rotting logs set into the embankment.

They say that it has a sweet smell but I can't detect any. This would be the perfect plant to cover any unslightly thing in your yard like old cars or scrap.


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