Friday, August 04, 2006

Cheap plants!

Our Sourwood (oxydenron) tree died last month and I wanted to replace it with another sweet bay magnolia (M. virginiana). I previously saw some at a Lowe's so we went there the other day and many of the trees were on sale for 75% off! We bought 2 magnolias but when I saw the price was only $8.50 each, I picked up the last one too. I was willing to pay the full price for the two at $33.99 each so this was a real steal. We then went to HomeDepot and their sweetbay mags were also on sale but only half price at $17.99 but the trees were much better looking with more foilage, didn't buy one tho. There was a lone blue atlas cedar so we bought it for 1/3 off. Several of the other plants were also on sale so I picked up two Japanese Hakone grass for shady areas for 1/3 off at $6.69 each. I saw many Japanese maples for sale but I had to pass as we already have a jungle and had most of the varieties they had in stock. So now I have my work cut out for me this weekend. Thank heavens it will be a little cooler and much less humid.

Check out your local big box stores they may have equally good sales. This is a great time to buy your plants. And fall is actually a better time to plant because the plants are not so stressed by the burning sun.

Photos are of sweetbay mags, Hakone grass and blue atlas cedar. Sorry for the bad photos. Took it with a low res 1 mb camera.


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