Monday, August 14, 2006

Dawn Redwood Metasequoia "Ogon" grows 4 feet !

One of our dawn redwoods has grown 4 feet so far this year. The other grew 40" and the last, tranplanted twice grew only about 2 feet. Remarkable growth. They'll become the dominant trees in the yard in no time. That's fine by us tho as they are so beautiful. Our other trees have grown quite a bit too. The Dr. Merrill magnolia has grown close to 4 feet and the Japanese tree lilac has probably grown more than that. Also the Edith Bogue, Magnolia grandiflora is a contender for fastest growing tree. The bald cypresses are growing pretty rapidly but seem to have slowed down a bit, the tallest about 20' tall. We bought them at about 8' tall so they've grown 12 feet in three years. We'll have a jungle in no time. All to good purpose in blocking a new development just beyond the backyard - a massive 5 bedroom house being built just 40' from the propety line. Yuck!

The photos are of the dawn redwood. The one of the full tree is a low res photo taken with a toy camera. The other a closeup of the beautiful, glowing leaves/needles.


Blogger IBOY said...

I am extremely jealous of your dawn redwood... it's a beauty!

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Bruce said...

We have three metasequoias planted in the new Olympic Sculpture Park near our home. They were planted in the fall and quickly lost their foliage. Folks unfamiliar with them thought they were dying.

Now (late February) they are budding up. I'm quite excited to see them needle out.


12:28 PM  

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