Monday, November 13, 2006

I wish they would quit having plant sales

A big box store is having a 75% off sale on shrubs and trees. Oh no! I had my eyes on two hornbeam trees, Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris' because of it's unusual skinny, tall growth and interesting small but deeply veined leaves. The 15 feet tall trees were previously on sale for 50% off of the $99 price but no takers. As soon as I saw it would be less than $25 each I jumped at the deal. So now two grace our yard.

Unfortunately there were many sizeable beautiful japanese maples which I have a fondness for too so at most less than $25 we bought 6 different varieties. In a marathon planting session I managed to dig and plant 7 trees yesterday and today I reap the rewards? of abuse to my body. Beautiful trees though. And more to plant as soon as the rain stops.

The photos are of the Enkianthus I bought at the plant auction. I didn't realize they had beautiful leaves in Fall. I bought them because I liked the beautiful bell shaped flowers which look somewhat like blueberry flowers. I believe these are Enkianthus perulatus the white enkianthus from Japan a zone 6-9 plant. I purchased some Enkianthus seed several years ago because I couldn't find the plant in the local nurseries but was not successful in growing the plant even after following the instruction to a T, including stratification. I'm glad to have the bonus of the beautiful fall colors making this a 2 season interest plant.


Blogger Digital Flower Pictures said...

Glad you featured this plant as I think it under used. You will be enjoying for years. You captured the color well on the closeup.


6:27 PM  
Blogger Ki said...

Hi Chris,
I looked everywhere for enkianthus but couldn't find it locally. I'm surprised more nurseries don't stock it.
I also like the look of blueberries in bloom. Also underused as an ornamental imo. Maybe the enkianthus blooms look too much like blueberries which are sold in every nursery here (NJ one of the blueberry states)so they don't sell the much more expensive enkianthus??
I'm trying to take better pics. I finally got a new camera a few days ago so hopefully better photos are forthcoming. I have a long ways to go to match you tho.Thanks for writing.

5:08 AM  

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