Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Just one more photo of Scilla siberica

I just bought a used Canon A-620 7 megapixel camera on Ebay because I'm too cheap to buy a new A-630 8 megapixel which sells for $220. This is a test shot of it's macro capabilities. I wanted this camera because it can focus down to 1 cm about 3/8" which is very close. But I'm finding it difficult to get it that close in real life with leaves and branches getting in the way of the lens barrel. I also bought an lens adapter to fit close up lens with +1, +2 and +4 diopters. Hopefully this way I won't have to get really close to take a good macro shot but I won't know until the adapter and close up lenses arrive.

I do like the photo of the Scilla that the camera was able to take. More to do with the lighting and background colors than with the macro capability I think. But it seems to have less noise than the Panasonic I usually use and that's a plus.

Love the blue pollen! As usual please click on photo to see a full size version of it.


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