Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another mystery plant identified

I was looking through the newest issue of Horticulture magazine which had an article about the Seven sons tree, Heptacodium miconioides. This looked like an interesting tree to have and also it reminded me of a small tree planted in front of a nursery that I coveted which bloomed late in summer. The description of the Seven sons tree fit the bloom time of the nursery tree so I thought I would purchase a tree online.

Well after looking a photos of the tree I discovered that we already had one in our yard!! We bought it for half price at a different nursery but it didn't have a name tag on it and the nursery person thought it was some kind of yellow dogwood after I mentioned that the leaves sort of looked like dogwood leaves. I researched it through two botanic books without success. Anyway it was severely rootbound but as soon as we planted it leaves sprouted like there was no tomorrow. The next year it was so heavily covered with foilage I had to prune it in early summer. This year my dear wife cut the s--t out of it and it still is trying to put out new shoots.
Well it's not the tree I was looking for but still a nice addition to the yard and at least now I know what it is.

Thanks to Kay the previously mystery plant was identified as Hibiscus trionum. Here's a good website which throughly describes the plant.


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