Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Ramps arrived!

The Ramps I ordered have finally arrived. They seem to be smaller this year and mostly leaves with very little bulb. That's ok as you eat all of the plant with exception of the roots and the leaves are probably more nutritious than the bulb anyway. I hope this doesn't mean that the demand is so great that they are harvesting smaller and smaller plants. But the small size may be due to the fact that last year I ordered the ramps very late and they had time to grow larger. Actually I almost missed the season last year.

You can see in the photo of the bagged roots that there are few sizable bulbs.

In any case we'll saute them in butter with a bit of salt an pepper. We like to prepare them simply so we can taste the oniony flavor.

Ramps cleaned and ready to cook. I cut off the bulb leaving about 2 inches of stem attached so I could plant them. The bulbs were so small they wouldn't have added much more to the parts we cooked.

Ramps sauteed ready to eat. Chewier than I remembered but still tasty.

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